Truth About Colon Cleansing

2009 July 31
by Admin

colon-cleanse-bellyColon cleansing may sound awkward but it is one the best things that one can do to himself. It is a very good and healthy habit to keep oneself fit. This activity refers to the act of cleaning up the waste materials that got accumulated in the colon part of the body. Colon holds up the wastes in our body. People suffering from constipation may have more waste stagnation in the colon. Statistics reveal that colon cleansing can take away anything between 10 to 30 pounds of waste and getting rid of them can actually lead to a healthier life.

Colon Cleansing can be done in 3 ways. The first one is the manual option and is done in a session where water is injected into the colon and then drained later. This will remove the fecal matters present in the body. Most people are not comfortable with this method and this method is popularly called as enema. The second option uses the herbal and natural products which require the people to be in diet control. Food habits will be changed. A laxative effect can be given by some ingredients and foods. The third option is the oxygen based colon cleansing. Most people prefer this method and it employs chemical process. It is a very effective and quick method but very expensive.

It is often advised to do the process naturally without using any type of chemicals. A change in lifestyle and food habits is required. The intake of more colon cleansing foods is encouraged. This will help in eliminating the extra burden from the body. Fiber is an important ingredient which must be included in the food items. Vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains and fruits contain a high proposition of fibers.

Fiber makes the digestive system healthier. They can easily sweep the unwanted waste materials that harbor the colon. Soluble fiber will develop good bacteria and insoluble fiber helps in waste elimination efforts. Oats and flax seeds are good sources for both kinds of fibers. Chlorophyll can heal any kind of defects in the digestive system. They help in supplying more oxygen and thus eliminate toxins. Colon cleansing is a very beneficial activity and can present a healthier future. People must have proper awareness regarding such methods to have a healthy life style.

Written for by Jitesh Arora

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