5 Facts You Must Know About Resveratrol

2009 August 11

Wine-Bottle-Grapes-and-Walnuts-PrinResveratrol is an antibiotic compound generated naturally in some plants, when they come under attack by certain bacteria or fungi. This antibiotic is produced by a process known as chemical synthesis. Red grapes are found to be the greatest natural source of resveratrol. Other major sources of resveratrol include peanuts, blueberries, and cranberries. However, these contain only a fraction of what grapes can provide.

But why did it create such a great buzz in the medical arena? It’s because of some recent studies, indicating the amazing health benefits this natural chemical compound can offer.

Here are 5 most important facts you must know about resveratrol:

• Resveratrol has proven anti-aging properties

Resveratrol has the capability to stimulate and activate Sirtuins, which are the longevity genes in our body. These genes, in turn can prevent or slow down the cellular decay process. Resveratrol supplements have been dubbed as the “longevity pills” after many studies showed that it can ultimately extend your lifespan.

• Resveratrol is found to be an amazing anti-cancer agent

A study done in 2008 has supported the claim that resveratrol can prevent, as well as treat certain cancerous growths. Resveratrol promotes the growth of normal cells, inhibit the development of cancer cells, and in late stages, may make the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. If you’re worried that chemotherapy can kill your normal cells, resveratrol can help reduce the damage on normal cells.

• Resveratrol can help you lose weight

A study shows that resveratrol can reduce the number of fat cells and may as well be used as an anti-obesity treatment in the future. This compound can imitate the effects of calorie restriction by slowing down your metabolism, thereby boosting the cellular respiration.

• Resveratrol can fight against heart diseases

Resveratrol possesses the unique capability to protect the heart vessels from damages. These compounds also prevent any possible blockages in the arteries. It also helps reduce the “bad” cholesterol levels and prevent possible blood clots. A number of studies revealed that the French suffer relatively lower occurrence of heart deceases attributing this to their increased consumption of red wine which is made from grapes.

• Resveratrol has excellent anti-diabetic properties

Resveratrol lowers your blood sugar by stimulating insulin secretion as well as increasing insulin sensitivity.

Extensive research has been done on the possible benefits of Resveratrol, although its health benefits are not yet medically recognized. However, you may not want to wait 20 years for the medical proofs, to try out a natural product with such amazing benefits.

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