Colon Cleansing – How to Go About It?

2009 August 8

slim-womanIt takes guts to take good care of your health – literally. You know that it’s important to take care of your hair and teeth, but what about a part of your body that is less, well, external? The colon is a fine example, and colon cleansing is a treatment every health-conscious individual should opt for.

The humble colon is located near the end of the large intestine and is responsible for important functions like the preservation of water balance in the body. It is also the place where human waste is stored. Toxins enter the human body in various ways, through various mediums. Some think that their balanced diet and exercise regime give them immunity from such toxins, but the air itself is thick with poison. Over time the toxins builds up in the system and help to breed parasites. These parasites cause diseases and damage internal organs. There is a phenomenon called auto-intoxication: waste is compacted in the colon and eventually toxins are produced, which then spread to other bodily systems. This is where colon cleanser programs come in. Colon cleansers flush out your internal system and prevent the piling-up of harmful toxins. Colon cleansers are crucial to the smooth and proper functioning of the digestive system.

A bar of soap and a loofah may be good enough to wash off external dirt and grime, but the real work of toxin removal happens deep inside the body. In the human body organs like the kidneys, lungs and skin do the bulk of this work. Unneeded byproducts are sloughed off from the bloodstream and the waste products leave the body through regular bowel movements. Many doctors note that these natural processes are perfectly adequate for keeping your body clean from the inside.

Some experts declare that the real culprit is usually irritable bowel syndrome. They warn that colon cleansers may lead to dehydration and even cause tears in the intestinal walls. Ideally the natural physical processes should be enough to ensure the cleanness of the colon, and, by extension, the entire body. Unfortunately the fact is that in the 21st Century, the human body has to fight unprecedented levels of pollution. As a person ages the natural cleansing mechanisms of the body become less efficient. Wear and tear leads inevitably to toxic accumulation. Modern lifestyles mean that more people are likely to consume large quantities of alcohol and other drugs, spicy and oily foods, and synthetic preservatives.  The human body is not designed to filter out these artificial products naturally.

Colon cleansers may be dietary supplements, enemas, laxatives or high colonics. Colon cleansing treatments may target the diet, or work through courses of medication. In-patient treatments are also a possibility to consider. Whatever the form, combine the treatment with a healthier lifestyle for the best possible results. It is definitely a good idea to use colon cleansers in moderation. Not all the flora in the digestive system are bad, and obsessive detoxification or purification is counterproductive to true well-being.

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