Fight Aging the Natural Way – Use Resveratrol

2009 August 8

wine-and-grapes-largeFolklore has it that for centuries, merchants and mendicants have traveled far and wide in search of the fountain of youth, a drink from which will ensure everlasting youth and vitality. We can now claim to be more technologically and scientifically advanced but the search is still on to find that perfect recipe for everlasting youth. For most of us, anti-aging creams and revitalizing tonics are the first items on the shopping list. They have minimum results and maximum side-effects but we continue to hope that they can smooth away those fine lines and help us overcome fatigue.

Wrinkles, heart disease, diabetes and poor stamina are a few common ailments affecting the majority of us. Poor or wrong eating habits, stress and pollution are a leading cause of these lifestyle diseases. Every time you are exposed to pollution, tobacco smoke or radiation, certain harmful molecules, known as free radicals, are produced within your body. In order to fight these free radicals, your body needs certain substances called antioxidants. Antioxidants keep our body healthy and in the process help fight signs of aging. Resveratrol is one such powerful natural antioxidant that has been discovered recently.

Resveratrol not only slows down the aging process but also helps in combating several health hazards. These include skin disease, colon problems, gastric problems and even prostrate gland ailments. One great health benefit is that it boosts your stamina so you can lead an active life for a long time without getting tired frequently. Current research also shows that Resveratrol can also be used to combat both breast and skin cancer.

Resveratrol has huge potential and hence studies are being conducted to ensure that it can reach the masses. Scientists have been keen to tap into this wonder chemical. They have found that Resveratrol can be produced from a Japanese plant called knotweed which is available abundantly. These plants produce this antioxidant as a defense mechanism.

While green, leafy vegetables, peanuts and yellow fruits contain Resveratrol in good quantities; the problem is that you will never be able to eat enough to get the actual amount that produces visible results.

Having a glass of red wine is said to have health benefits mainly because red grapes are a great source of Resveratrol. White wine is not as beneficial since red wine is fermented with the skins which contain resveratrol , allowing the wine to absorb the antioxidant, whereas white wine is fermented after the skin has been removed.

But before you rush to have a sip, it’s necessary to know that studies have shown that this antioxidant is most effective when chewed and not swallowed. This is because Resveratrol when swallowed in pill form, gets digested and metabolized in intestines and liver so quickly that the body is unable to reap its benefits.

Choosing Resveratrol as a health supplement is a great natural way to boost your immunity and ensuring that you remain youthful, active and healthy for a long time. Visit for reviews of Resveratrol products.

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