Teeth Whitening – 5 Simple Yet Powerful Tips

2009 August 11

Teeth WhiteningEver seen those blinding white teeth of celebrities on magazine covers? Ever had an urge to have your own teeth whitened? Then you’re looking for some powerful teeth whitening products that will give you a great smile. Here are 5 simple yet powerful tips on getting just the right teeth whitening merchandise for you:

Tip 1: If your teeth have been stained by alcohol and nicotine, you’ll notice that your teeth enamel have turned yellow. Nicotine stains are the hardest to remove because they’ve developed over several years. So the type of product you use has to be fairly strong. Look for carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. That’s a powerful bleaching agent that will flake off the toughest stains on your teeth.

Tip 2: Use toothpastes or teeth strips that work to remove the stains immediately. You brush on the paste like regular toothpaste and wait for a few moments before spewing it out and cleansing your teeth. The teeth strips have to stay on a little longer before removing. You’ll see a marked improvement in about two weeks with regular use. Be sure that you keep your caffeine intake to a minimum in the meanwhile!

Tip 3: Choose money back guarantee products if you’re buying online. Don’t throw away your hard-earned cash without a guarantee from the seller that you’ll get your money back if the product doesn’t do what it says – whiten your teeth. Read any relevant reviews of the product to before whipping out your credit card. If the company doesn’t have a returns policy clearly stated on its website, then you’d better look elsewhere for your whitening product.

Tip 4: Your dental health is entirely in your own hands. You can’t blame the dentist if your teeth aren’t pearly white, can you? You can keep your teeth healthy by selecting products that have the ADA seal of approval. That’s the dentistry association’s stamp of approval that the merchandise is top quality. You can be sure that your local dentist will recommend the stuff for a radiant smile.

Tip 5: Check the ingredients for liquid calcium and breath freshening agents. Most whitening products will give you a fresh breath after usage. Liquid calcium will strengthen your teeth enamel. It’s great protection against plaque.

Remember these five tips when you’re planning to get your next teeth whitening product. You’ll have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth for a long time! Check out the best teeth whitening products in my review section.

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