How Colon Cleansing Revitalizes Your Body in 3 Weeks

2009 December 7

colon-cleanse-xrayIt has long been a widely held belief that colon cleansing can restore the body to peak performance levels. This is because the body accumulates toxins as waste products collect in the colon. The amount of toxins stored there depends on both the environment and our diet. Drugs, both prescription and recreational, will also contribute to toxin levels. As these toxin levels increase the body becomes sluggish and we experience a loss of energy, our liver has reduced capacity, and our overall general health remains at subpar levels.

There are several things we can do to eliminate these toxins.

  1. Perform a natural colon cleansing regime. The best method is to use natural products that work in sync with the body’s normal function.
  2. Modify your diet. This simply means you have to reduce the toxin levels by avoiding certain foods. These foods include caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, refined sugars and fats.
  3. Increased levels of exercise. This simply means introducing a daily exercise program into your everyday life. Walking for 20 to 30 minutes per day is extremely beneficial.

By far the most effective method however is a natural colon cleansing regime. As stated above, using natural products can improve the poor digestive processes that a toxin rid body will suffer. You will also need to consider using probiotics as your intestinal flora will need to be replenished. So what does the colon cleansing process involve? Basically what you are trying to do is to rid the colon of mucoid plaque. It is a disturbing fact that healthy colons will normally weigh in the vicinity of 4 pounds. Records indicate that in severe cases of plaque build-up, an unhealthy colon can weigh as much as 40 pounds! This is important to consider when you know that colon cancer, in the US alone, has the second highest mortality rate.

So how do you go about removing this dangerous plaque from your colon? As stated previously the use of natural products is the best way, and here’s what you have to do. Initially you’ll have to limit your diet to raw fruits and vegetables. This will prepare your colon for the cleansing process which will follow. At this stage you should be looking for herbs that are well-known killers of parasites and worms in your intestinal tract. Use the correct natural products which also contain probiotics, or beneficial bacteria as they are sometimes known, will help the liver, as well as your gall bladder and intestines. Flax seeds, slippery elm and other herbs like psyllium husk should be part of your daily intake. In about 2 to 3 weeks the benefits of colon cleansing will be startlingly obvious!

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