How Resveratrol Changed My Brother’s Life

2009 December 3

french_wineryI want to tell you a story that changed my mind about the benefits of Resveratrol. About five years ago my brother and his wife went for a holiday in France. They spent around five months traveling from village to village, eating and drinking all local delicacies and delicious wines. I guess this probably sounds like an ordinary holiday but believe me it was quite different.

For the preceding 15 years my brother had suffered from very high cholesterol levels and had to modify his diet quite considerably. He had eliminated all saturated fats from his diet, had reduced his drinking had practically zero and was eating what could be called a vegan diet. He had always loved his food, especially cheeses like Camembert, Brie and lots of other full fat cheeses. Even more so he loved drinking his red wine and would often spend long afternoons enjoying sumptuous feasts with his family and friends at his home. His doctor told him that his cholesterol reading, which measured around the 9.0 mark, was dangerously high and that’s why he modified his lifestyle completely.

When he went to France he decided that this might be his last opportunity to really enjoy some lovely food and wine and so he thought what the heck? He abandoned his restrictive diet and immersed himself completely in the French lifestyle. He said he never felt better, he was relaxed and on his return he looked like he had a new lease of life. He was due for a check up at the doctor and knew he was in for a bad result but he didn’t really care. What did he know? He didn’t believe it when the doctor told him that his cholesterol level had dropped to within the normal range. The doctor asked my brother what he had been doing, my brother replied, “Living the French life!”.

My brother had unwittingly discovered what was to become fairly common knowledge in later years. The French diet is rich in tomatoes, grapes and wine, pine nuts, garlic and plenty of fresh vegetables, a diet full of antioxidants and other hidden properties that are now recognized as being beneficial to our current lifestyle. It is within this diet that the benefits of Resveratrol are hidden. Resveratrol contains the properties found in wine and red grapes and has been used for many years in the treatment of heart problems and liver disorders in many cultures around the world.

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