Better Teeth Whitening in the Privacy of Your Own Home

2010 March 3

Why go to the dentist when you can get better teeth whitening in the privacy of your own home? This might come as a surprise for many people but the fact is now clear — the teeth whitening products available in stores and more popularly, on the Internet are the equal of what the dentist can provide, and in some cases even better. Whereas the dentists procedure can cost at least six or $700 per one-hour treatment, the product you can purchase online for a maximum of $100 can do a better job.

Let’s find out how.

A visit to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure will involve the application of concentrated gel to the teeth coupled with a protective treatment of the gums to avoid possible damage. The whitening agent will be left on the teeth for a maximum of one hour. After this time the concentrated product can actually cause damage to the enamel.

Depending upon the level of discoloration it can take at least two and possibly more visits for a patient to achieve the level of whitening they desire. This means an all up cost of nearly $2000. Compare this to the at home treatment which will only cost a fraction of that amount. But how effective is the at home treatment? As you will soon see the results may even be better!

The biggest advantage that the at home product has, apart from the greatly reduced cost, is that a less concentrated product is typically left on the teeth overnight and is this extended time frame which actually benefits the whitening process even more. Studies have shown that several applications of up to 36 hours each provides a more effective whitening process than the concentrated procedure used by the dentist. This is possible because the most modern treatment involves using whitening strips which can be applied for five-minute periods every day. Typically these are applied after flossing and brushing so it becomes part of your daily oral hygiene procedure.

The long-term results of this method are whiter teeth then you can get at the dentist! A key reason is their ongoing use, combined with the fact that small amounts of bleach remain within the tooth structure for up to 36 hours. When a new dose of bleach is applied to a tooth retaining the previous day’s peroxide, its effect is greater. So, even for the busy traveler it is possible to use a teeth whitening product every day no matter where you are because the teeth whitening pack is easily portable and convenient.

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